Frutansil has a spacious wide packing in which are installed two lines of processes (sorting, cleaning and packing).


The company has nine cold chambers with a storage capacity of 13,000 bins of fresh product  at 0 ° C. Each chamber is equipped with two evaporators and a set of ionization, of latest generation, which allow keeping the dried fruit in optimum condition and offer a service of high quality cold. An industrial machinery room implemented with reinforced mesh floor, insulated roof and masonry structure; This room has the devices that allows the operation of the cold storage.


Frutansil is equipped with a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled transportation system to keep the quality of the cool cargo

We work in partnership with our producers with the aim of promoting excellence in their harvests and thus reach consumers with the best fruits; a custom stamp that sets us apart from the competition. In our processes, we privilege the quality of our products and the respect for the environment and for our workers.


Camino Zapallar Km 0.2

Curicó - Chile


Tel: (075) 2 328075



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In order to increase production capacity and orient our products also to foreign markets, Frutansil is developing a new project, start date for the end of the year 2015. The project involves the construction of 8 new controlled atmospheres,  a new packing room and a new winery packing materials.

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